Steve Maly

CEO, Maly Marketing

Steve is the Founder and Chief Activist of Maly Marketing. Steve has an extensive background in marketing, media production, and helping other people make gobs of money. A firm believer in the power of education in all forms, has lead to his, and thus our, emphasis on education-based marketing.

Under Steve’s guidance and leadership, Maly Marketing has grown tremendously over the last few years allowing all the rest of us to have jobs, which is just really fantastic. In his free time Steve enjoys losing golf balls, living in a sorority house, “networking”, subscription services, and doing anything on earth to avoid shopping. He credits the patience learned from being a parent with helping him take the long view required to build a successful business.

In addition to the fact that he signs all of our checks, Steve has other professional interests, he is a regular on the educational speaking circuit, where he speaks on a variety of topics from digital marketing and social media to entrepreneurship.


October 23, 2017
Making Social Media Work For YOUR Business – Examples and How To.
2:15  -  3:00