A gathering of wine experts and friends

Learn, share and discover the best of Midwest wine and grapes.

Vindemia was created by the Nebraska Winery and Grape Growers Association in an effort to increase the levels of education and collaboration for everyone involved with the wine and viticulture industries not just in Nebraska but the midwest as a whole.

We all know that we face certain challenges here due to climate and soil conditions but those challenges also provide opportunities for innovation and collaboration. By providing learning opportunities, from specialists as well as from peers, Vindemia hopes to make sure that everyone involved in the wine and grape industry in Nebraska and the midwest has the opportunity to be as successful as possible.

The Best of the Best

We've invited the best of the best to pass along their wisdom.

Delicious wines and grapes

Representing the Midwest will be veterans of the scene, and newcomers alike.Sample these unique offerings and compare notes.